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Digital Day Solutions

Robbi Drake, Howard Dabrawsky, Jeff Ryder, and Graeme Ingram, Digital Day Solutions, have been in the business of creating and marketing websites with WordPress, HTML, Joomla, PHPNuke and many others for years. Auction sites, woocommerce sites and sales sites are one of their specialties. The team also cleans virus infested sites as well as hardens WordPress to ensure that your site is secure and ready for business. Visit them at https://digitalday.solutions

Aron’s Websites

Aron Keifer has been in the business of helping people build and maintain a presence on the internet since the early days of the web. He has a degree in computer science and is a professional marketer. Aron’s websites hosts the I am a friend of God web site. He has been very generous in his assistance in making the process of bringing a safe place to provide the information you find on the I am a friend of God web site. Check them out please at www.aronswebsites.com.