From ancient times to now, people have been journeyers traveling from one place to the next. At the core of many of those journeys has been their experience of the invisible, the mysterious, the miraculous, the holy…of God.


This site is dedicated to becoming a friend of God and people’s journeys in the process. Abraham, Issac and Jacob each had their relationship with God. Abraham was called the friend of God. The journeys of these people have been passed on verbally and in writing from generation to generation.


The Scriptures are filled with people who were in relationship with God. Thousands of books are published annually filled with the stories of people of all walks of life who have become the friend of God. Now, we introduce to you a radio program and streaming audio on the Internet in the process of sharing the concept of being a friend of God.

Jeff Golden

Ordained minister and former licensed counselor, Jeff Golden takes great pride in being able to use his skills and talents for the good of the church and its people. 


If you’re in need of someone to speak with, Jeff is listening.

Dr. Larry Keefauver

Bestselling author and prolific ghostwriter, Dr. Larry Keefauver, with co-host, Jeff Golden, Christian counselor, and pastor, are sharing your stories of being a friend of God.


Whether on the airways  or the internet  through their dynamic and inspirational program people will hear your story..

Have a life experience, a book, a podcast, a streaming video of how you became a friend of God?


Let us put you before listeners in the Atlanta and North Georgia radio listening audience, Northern Alabama as well as Eastern Tennessee.

We want to  help you to go online and share your story of how you became a friend of God and how God has interacted with you.